Hsipaw traffic police urge drivers to slow down and follow the road rules

Reckless, high-speed drivers are leading to preventable accidents and road fatalities in southern Shan State’s Hsipaw township, police have said.

On September 13, a motorcycle crashed into a parked 12-wheel truck in front of a high school in Wein Sein Ward in Hsipaw township at around 8pm. The motorcycle driver sustained a gash on his neck and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The passenger on back was injured on her forehead.

“The motorcycle driver was in the wrong. We use right-hand drive here. The motorcycle crashed into the vehicle that was parked on the left side of the road so it was his mistake,” said Police Colonel Nan Myaing, from the Hsipaw Township Traffic Police.

He said in the past nine months, police have recorded 43 road accidents in Hsipaw township.

“You can say the number [of road accidents] is high. They are caused by reckless driving. That’s why I want the drivers to reduce their speed. Please follow the road rules,” he said.

“If you don’t know the road rules, try to learn them,” he added.

Shan Herald was not able to reach the motorcycle or truck driver from the September 13 accident.