Drug rehab center to relocate to Lashio due to security concerns

A state-run drug rehabilitation center may soon be relocated from Kutakai township amid security concerns due to ongoing fighting.

Shan State’s anti-narcotic and psychotropic substance prevention team met on August 4 and resolved to move the Kutkai-based Tee Mar Rehabilitation Center to a more stable site in Lashio township.

The Kutkai treatment center is one of two in Shan State. The other, the Shwe Pyi Aye Rehabilitation Centre, is in Hpekon township.

“We will relocate [the Tee Mar Rehabilitation Center] to Lashio due to security concerns. We will continue to operate the rehabilitation center in Hpekon as it has good security,” said Police Lieutenant Colonel Khin Aung, head of Shan State’s Drug Rehabilitation Center.

He added that the state’s drug treatment program will soon put together a budget request for the transfer, as well as for upgrades to the Hpekon facility.

“We are trying to implement this as quickly as possible,” Lt Col Khin Aung added.

Last modified onTuesday, 08 August 2017 11:38