UNFC holds emergency meeting

  • Written by Network Media Group
  • Published in N.M.G

The Central Executive Committee of the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) is holding an emergency meeting in Thai northern city Chiang Mai today (23 January).

The agenda of the meeting is to discuss and set down decisions on future peace processes including the decisions concerning the second session of the Union Peace Conference, also known as the 21st Century Panglong Conference, and holding the second conference of the UNFC.

Around 30 members including the top-ranking leaders of seven ethnic armed organizations that have not signed the nationwide ceasefire agreement are attending the two-day emergency meeting.

The current members of the UNFC are the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO), the Shan State Progress Party (SSPP), the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), the New Mon State Party (NMSP), the Arakan National Council (ANC), the Lahu Democratic Party (LDP), and the Wa National Organization (WNO).

The UNFC was established in November 2010 with 11 ethnic armed organizations.

Translated by Thida Linn