4th regular Mon State Hluttaw conference begins December 7

The fourth regular session of the Mon State Hluttaw Conference will start on December 7, at Mon State Hluttaw Hall, in Mon State’s capital, Mawlamyine.

The conference will be held over five days. Four proposals and 30 questions will be presented, as well as an amending law draft for the salt industry, according to the Hluttaw Office.

“We have already sent the questions in advance. Once on [November] 23rd and again on the 25th. We have two weeks before December 7. We, the Hluttaw representatives, want to hear the right answers from the government’s side,” said Daw Tin Ei, Mon State’s House speaker.

Mon State Hluttaw Conference (Photo: Mon Hluttaw)

Speaker Daw Tin Ei continued that Hluttaw representatives have urged the government, in accordance with the law, to implement more effectively because of the government’s ineffectiveness when implementing after responses to questions and confirmed proposals.

“Currently, there are lots of patients at Mawlamyine American Hospital (women and children). There is also no housing for staff, so it’s a problem for the doctors and nurses. Consequently, I have questions to ask regarding how staff housing can be provided,” said Dr. Min Soe Linn, Hluttaw representative from Ye Township Constituency (1).

Dr. Min Soe Linn added that although the Mawlamyine American Hospital is a 200 person-standard hospital, he found out during a visit on November 18 that the number of patients was up to 287.

Mon State Hluttaw has 31 representatives; comprised of 19 representatives from the National League for Democracy (NLD), 2 representatives from the Mon National Party (MNP), 1 from the All Mon Regions Democracy Party (AMDP), 1 from the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), and 8 from the Tatmadaw [Army].

The Third Regular Session of Hluttaw Conference was held over five days from October 3 to 10. On the third day, two Hluttaw representatives objected the misrepresented request for a day-off by the Chief Minister, and that objection was recorded as part of the Hluttaw record.