Karenni CSOs are not ready for National CSO Peace Forum

The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) from the Karenni State are not ready to attend the first National CSO Peace Forum, according to the Karenni Social Welfare and Development (KSWDC)’s country coordinator Ko Banyar.

“We won’t be able to attend the first CSO Peace Forum. We still have many questions. We are still unclear with the entire event. So, we can’t go yet,” he said.

He explained that they are not attending the forum not because they dislike the peace process but because they still need to discuss the situation thoroughly and indisputably.

Twenty-four CSOs from the Karenni State gathered at Say-ta-man Hall in the Karenni State’s capital Loikaw on 14 January to debate the issue and set down the decision.

As the CSOs need to discuss the refugee resettlement issues at the forum, they are unable to attend it since they have not prepared the policies for discussion at the forum, according to the Karenni Women’s Organisation’s secretary Ma Mee Mee.

“We are not ready to discuss the resettlement issues at the CSO Forum because we worry that we might not have the same voice at the forum. Even if policies have been set down for these issues, we haven’t discussed it yet,” she said.

The National CSO Peace Forum will cover topics on social, economic, land and resources.

The outcomes of the CSOs from this forum will be submitted to the second session of the Union Peace Conference (21st Century Panglong Conference) through the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC).

The National CSO Peace Forum Preparatory Committee plans to hold the National CSO Peace Forum from 29 to 31 January.

Although the Karenni State’s CSOs are unable to attend the first forum, they will make preparations so as to attend the second forum.

Translated by Thida Linn