KNU training achieves 30 percent quota for female participation

  • Written by KIC/ Saw Khar Su Nyar
  • Published in KIC

The Karen National Union lauded female participation in a recent, local political training after the course attained a 30 percent quota.

The second basic politics training, a five-day event last week, involved residents from villages in KNU-controlled Kawkareik township. Among the 100 trainees, 30 were women.

“I’m very glad to see many women at the training. I hope women will be able to play a bigger role in the political processes in the future,” said Naw Eh Lay Dar, secretary of Kawkareik township’s Karen Youth Organization.

Members of the KNU’s central committee also welcomed the increased participation of women on display at the July 3-7 training.

The event was led by leaders of the KNU village groups, village leaders, members of the Karen Women’s Organization and representatives from the Karen Youth Organization.

The training involved lessons on Kayin (Karen) State’s history, the constitution and the current political situation.

The KNU held a similar training in Kawkareik township last month to help build public awareness and knowledge.

Last modified onTuesday, 11 July 2017 08:46