Three women allege camp police beat them

  • Written by Kaladan Press
  • Published in Kaladan Press

Three Rohingya women were beaten by police in Nayapara camp following a neighborhood dispute, according to camp residents.

The mother and her two daughters were attacked on May 2 in the evening, according to Kamal Hussein, a resident of Nayapara camp.

The dispute began when Sayeda Khatun’s dog killed a neighbor’s hen. Security from the camp came to investigate the complaint. The police demanded 2,000 Taka (US$25) from both parties. But Sayeda was unable to pay the full fee.

According to residents of the camp, police entered Sayeda’s home and dragged her and her two daughters, Dilder Begum, 18, and Shamzida Begum, 16, outside. The three women were then allegedly beaten by the officers.

The women were taken to the camp clinic, another refugee added.

The mother and daughters filed a complaint to the camp leaders and to the UN refugee agency, according to a relative.

Edited by Laignee Barron