Road Traffic Deaths Rise in Mon State

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Over 50 people were killed in 138 road traffic accidents in Mon State during the months of January and February this year according to a Mawlamyine District Traffic Police Office statement.

According to the statement the rate of road traffic accidents in Mon State increased over those two months.

Of the 138 recorded accidents 70 involved motorcycles, 64 involved cars and four involved two-wheel tractors and trailers. These led to 57 deaths, 213 injuries and over 25.8 million kyats of losses.

A Mawlamyine District Traffic Police official said the number of accidents had increased because people were driving drunk, driving recklessly and breaking the speed limit. Deaths and injuries were occurring because people did not wear helmets or did not attach their helmet straps when they rode motorcycles.

He also said that the number of road traffic accidents in Mon State had been increasing every year.

To try and reduce the number of accidents the traffic police had been holding public talks on vehicle and road regulations and distributing pamphlets in each township. They have also been putting up signboards showing annual road traffic accident statistics to try and raise road safety awareness.

In 2015 in Mon State 266 people were killed and 1,102 people were injured in 263 car accidents, 356 motorcycle accidents and 26 two-wheel tractor and trailer accidents.

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited in English by Mark Inkey for BNI

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