Free Mon Literature Learning CDs Given Out

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Free Mon literature learning CDs being given out. Free Mon literature learning CDs being given out.

Mon literature learning CDs are being given out for free to make Mon language learning and learning about Mon literature easier the CD’s distributor, monk Sayardaw Ashin Okkantha, told Hinthar Media.

He said: “Our main target for distribution was Mon National Day so that we could get the CDs into the hands of as many Mon people as possible. We sent them to Mon National Day organising committees in each township so that they could distribute them in the townships. We were unable to contact some townships as we were late in making this CD.”

He explained that Nai Aung Paing from the Mon Literature Preservation Group produced the CD and the Mon Education Group (Online) organised distribution of the CD.

He said: “This Mon literature learning CD is precious, please value it. It’s not much use if you neglect it at home. You can complete the study by studying at least five minutes a day. Please learn the literature.”

The CDs distributors said that they will continue to distribute the Mon literature learning CDs for free and that anyone can copy the CD and distribute their copies without getting permission from the original owner.

Over 20,000 CDs were distributed last year, with the main focus for distribution being Mon language summer schools in various areas.

Over 2,000 CDs have also been distributed in Thailand and over 25,000 CDs were distributed on Mon National Day and at the donation ceremony for the Ramanya Rehta Buddhist University.

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited in English by Mark Inkey for BNI

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