Language teacher reported to education ministry for alleged racist rant

  • Written by Salai Hung Tun Gei/ Chin World
  • Published in Chin World

A Chin organization has lodged a complaint with the Union Ministry of Education after a university lecturer reportedly made derogatory comments about the Chin people during her class.

Salai James Neih Thang, secretary of the Chin Literature and Culture Committee in Kalay, said that Myanmar language lecturer Daw Than Than Maw was reported to the education officials for describing Chin people as bad, rotten and money-oriented, and for suggesting that Chin people use witchcraft to get electricity.

“The teacher wasn’t giving an admonition to a student. She said these racial slurs during her lecture. So the Chin university students reported her [to us]. I believe the authorities will take action in response to the report,” he said.

According to the complaint letter, the University of Kalay lecturer made the remarks during the third-year Myanmar language honors and qualifying class on August 23. Seven Chin students are among the students in that class.

Chin World was unable to contact Daw Than Than Maw to ask about the complaints against her.

Students expressed concern that they will be failed in their upcoming exams in retaliation for reporting the alleged racism. The University of Kalay will hold exams on September 19.

Last modified onTuesday, 05 September 2017 19:32