CNF demands Arakan Armed Groups to pull out from Chin territory

  • Written by Khonumthung
  • Published in Khonumthung

The Arakanese Armed Organizations must not take position in order to launch their movements in the Platwa Township in Chin state, the Chin National Front (CNF) claimed today (28 January).

khonumthung3001The Chin National Front (CNF) held its sixth session of the 2nd central committee conference from 20 to 25 January, 2017. After the meeting CNF released a statement demanding Arakanese Armed Organizations not to initiate their activities in Platwa Township of the Chin state.

“Although the similar demand was made last year, those Arakanese Armed Groups are still in Platwa Township as said by the locals. Those armed groups also made various harassments to the local residents. So, the CNF release the demand continuously,”  said Saline Thla Hei, the general secretary of the CNF.

The Arakan Army (AA) and the Arakan Liberation Army (ALA) are based along the India-Burma border near Platwa Township in Chin state where skirmishes occurred between the Burma Army’s troops and the Arakan armed-groups.

Due to those skirmishes, around 370 Chin nationals from the Pyin-soe village of Platwa Township run away for their life and cannot go home yet. Moreover, the Chin locals were forced to use as guides for those armed groups and lost their lives by landmines time and again in the battle zone.

Rev. Tluang Ceu, the leader of the Chin Peace and Tranquility Committee(CPTC), said that Peace Process in Chin state was damaged due to the presence of the Arakanese armed-groups in their region.

“The Peace Process between the government and the CNF is going well. But, the armed activities of the Arakan armed-groups in the Platwa area caused disturbance to the government as well as CNF,” said Rev. Tluang Ceu.

It was learnt that the CNF has made revision on the annual activities and laid down plans for the future during the Central Committee’s 5-day Meeting at the Vitoria Headquarters. National-Level political dialogue has been undergoing to be held in coming February and CNF, Chin state government, political parties and civil society organizations will join together organizing the event.

In addition, there were concerns about damaging the Union Peace Process because of the conflicts between the Burma Army and the Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs). As a result, the CNF puts a clause in its statement urging to address the political conflict by way of political dialogue.

 Translated by Zin Linn