A kind of gold discovers at Thipcang village in Chin state

  • Written by Khonumthung
  • Published in Khonumthung

A local of Thipcang village reported that a kind of gold that shine and bright just like gold has been found at Thipcang village in Chin state recently.

ThipchangThe 13 experts from Geology and Mining Department, based in Nay Pyi Taw had gone to check with an administrator of Zawngte village-tract on 12 November to the location in Thipcang village.

According to the experts,  the stone might be a kind of gold or precious stone even though they cannot say exactly about the the gold-liked stone, said U Van Ciau, a local of Thipcang village.

“I don’t know what it will be, but the experts checked the stone methodically, and they had taken some sample stones to recheck, then the result will be known soon,” he added.

‘The stone was quite different from other stones when we look by microscope’ said Rev. Lal Thawm Lian, highlighted on Facebook page of Thipcang Youth Group.