Ancient scripture stone found in Mrouk-Oo of Arakan

  • Written by Narinjara
  • Published in Narinjara

An ancient scripture stone was uncovered at Amyint Taung pagoda no 5 in Mrouk-Oo of Arakan State, said Director U Nyein Lwin of the Archaeological Department.

Speaking to Narinjara News, the director also informed that the stone was found on   August 26, where 44 sentences were written on it. Among those, 23 sentences were scripted on the back wand those were readable. But 21 sentences on the front side were illegible as it was partially damaged.

The main content of the script was the punishment with the evil. Anyone, who destroys the donation schemes, has to face the curse. The script is scheduled to get translated into the present day languages for mass consumption, informed U Nyein Lwin.

The height of the script is around 70 cm and the length is 80 cm. The thickness of the script is around 18 cm. The content of the script may not be useful in present days, but the stone has an archeological value.

The square type script was understandably written during Mrauk period in Mrauk Oo period style asserted the  Archaeological Department Director U Nyein Lwin.