CNDP Holds Workshop for 2015 Election

The Chin National Democratic Party (CNDP) conducted a workshop for the 2015 general elections due in November at Thantlang town in Chin State on 30 April 2015. There were 70 participants from all party units in the town at the workshop.  It mainly discussed the current peace process, the objectives of regional parties and how to prepare for the ensuing 2015 general elections.

Larngkhur Police Chief Beats Innocent Man

A police chief and his fellow officers have beaten an innocent man for no reason at a betel shop in Larngkhur township, Southern Shan State, a local news source reported.

Environmental Damage Concerns Shan Farmers

Over ten thousand Shan farmers gathered in Mong Nai Township, Southern Shan State, requesting the protection of the environment and natural resources in Shan State.

Talks on Chin Ceasefire Violations

The Chin Ceasefire Monitoring Team (CCMT) clarified 51 points of agreement between the government and the Chin National Front (CNF) on 28 April in Hakha, Chin State, western Myanmar.

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