Burma Army Attacks and Loots Village in Muse Township

The Burma Army reportedly shot and robbed local people on Tuesday evening in a village seven miles from the Burma-China border gate in Muse Township, Northern Shan State, according to local witnesses.

Police Chief Confident of Peaceful Mon State Polls

Though police security reports say there could be violence at some polling stations on election day, 8 November, the Mon State Chief of Police, Bo Bo Oo, is confident the polls will be peaceful in Mon State.

Report highlights struggles of women in conflict

Asia Justice and Rights with the support of its local partners today released a report containing the stories of 29 female survivors of violence related to conflicts in Kachin and Karen states, as well as stories of former political prisoners.

NDAK Chief Bars NLD from Campaigning in His Kachin State Fiefdom

Long time New Democratic Army-Kachin leader (NDAK) Zahkung Ting Ying (also spelled Za Khun Ting Ring) has barred candidates from Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) from campaigning in territory he has long ruled over in north eastern Kachin State.

Lack of interference, but low public participation - PACE

Starting on September 14, the People’s Alliance for Credible Elections (PACE) deployed 110 Long Term Observers to 110 townships across the country to observe the national voter list display process the organisation said in a statement on 21 September.

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