Political Parties in Kayah State Prioritize Educating Voters Over Campaigning

Some political parties running in Kayah state say they are focusing on educating potential voters about the voting process rather talking about the their party programs or doing actual campaigning. Sai San Aye of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD) said that candidates from his party are doing this because a lack of understanding among much of the voting public about the voting process.  

Over 6,000 Added to Chin State’s Voter List

An updated version of Chin State’s voter list has increased by 6,730 eligible voters, according to statistics from a second revised voter list recently released by the Chin State Election Sub-Commission.

Ethnic Parties in Kayah Struggle to Campaign on Equal Footing with Ruling Rival

Ethnic parties in Kayah State say they face difficulties in campaigning alongside their opponents from the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) according to party representatives.  During a public meeting last week in Loikaw, the Kayah state capital, representatives from several such ethnic parties voiced their concerns about their struggles.   U Phoe Reh, Chairman of the All Nationalities Democracy Party (ANDP) noted that pamphlets from the ruling USDP were recently handed out during a public meeting called by a ward administrator to discuss issues affecting Ruphekhu Ward in Demoso Township on September 15th.

Kayah State's ANDP says Ceasefire a Priority

A key figure in the All Nationalities Democracy Party (ANDP), a party based in Kayah State, says that implementing a national ceasefire remains a priority for the country’s development and a major goal for the party.

Kayah State villagers worry about voting process

Villagers in Kayah State who did not vote in the previous  2010 election are concerned they will not be able to vote in the upcoming November national election due to difficulties understanding the current process, says U Nareh, Chairman of Dawphu village tract of Demoso township.

ANP Amyotha Hluttaw candidate Daw Htoo May kicks off election campaign

Narinjara News - Daw Htoo May from the Arakan National Party (ANP), who will be competing in the upcoming national election as a candidate for a seat in parliament's upper house or Amyotha Hluttaw in Burmese, began her campaign in Rakhine State last week. She is competing for a seat representing the Rakhine townships of Ann and Ramree.

Kyaukpyu candidate for lower house says more voter awareness needed

Narinjara News - A candidate running as an independent for a seat representing Arakan state in the national parliament's lower house says that more voter awareness is needed. U Thein Zaw, who is running for a seat representing Kyaukpyu made the comments in an interview with Narinjara News this week as he began his campaign.

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