Election commission postpones hearing into NLD complaint against NDAK chief

Thuta Linn — The Union Election Commission (UEC) has formally delayed a hearing to look into a complaint filled against the reelected Kachin State Upper House MP, U Zakung Ting Ying.  The next hearing was officially delayed on Monday, ostensibly because the National League for Democracy’s (NLD) complaint was submitted incorrectly.

Interview with newly elected NLD MP from jade rich Hpakant

Thuta Linn — In an interview with the BNI Election Newsroom, newly elected Lower House MP, U Tint Soe, spoke about the current situation involving the excavation of natural resources in his hometown, Hpakant, in western Kachin State.

Despite election loss Chin party says ethnic parties still viable

Salai Htan Swam Hlang — Many people in Chin State were caught off guard by the results of the 2015 General Election which saw local Chin parties do rather poorly. A total of 13 parties ran in the state however the National League for Democracy (NLD) secured an overwhelming victory and won enough seats in the state to form the Chin State government.

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