SNLD leader wants NLD to give consideration to human rights of those affected by Shan clashes

  • Written by Mya Wun Yan
  • Published in Shan State

Mya Wun Yan — The NLD needs to give special consideration to the ongoing wars and human rights violation affecting people in four townships in Shan State, where voting was cancelled for the recent election, says the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy (SNLD)’s chairperson Daw Nan Kaung Kham.

“We have suffered a lot. We have faced many difficulties. Now, we want the winning party to give special consideration to eradicate human rights violations and carry out regional development. We also want them to eradicate bribery,” Daw Nan Kaung Kham said.

She added that ethnic areas have suffered greatly from the wars and she believes priority must be given to regional peace and stability in order to carry out all-round development. The government also needs to take pity on the public and consider the long-term before carrying out its tasks.

Currently internally displaced people (IDP) have been taken refuge at IDP camps in Mong Hsu, Wanwa, and Haipar and they need aid from various organizations on a nation-wide scale, says U Phoe Aung, a former administrator who has been support the Haipar IDP camp.

“Ethnic people feel that they have lost their right to make choices. We have been hearing the sound of gunfire and battles in these areas for too long. We want them to stop,” Daw Nan Nu said.

Around 400 ethnic Lahu people have been living at the Mong Hsu IDP camp without going back home.  Other IDP who have come from

Tar San Phu are still living at Haipar and Wanwa IDP camps, according to Daw Nan Kaung Kham, who has also been helping the IDPs.

The Union Election Commission announced the cancellation of voting in Mong Hsu, Kyethi, Tang Yang, and Hopong townships in the Shan State due to the ongoing clashes between the Burmese army and the Shan State Progress Party also known as the Shan State Army North.