Ethnic Representation Needed In Parliament

  • Written by Khine Nwe Oo
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Khine Nwe Oo — BNI Election Newsroom interviewed U Zaw Min Htike (also U Kyaw Thu), an independent candidate that contested Constituency No 2 in Kawthoung, Tanintharyi Region. He lost to U Myint Maung from the National League for Democracy (NLD).

U Zaw Min Htike (also U Kyaw Thu) is an independent
candidate that contested Constituency No 2 in
Kawthoung, Tanintharyi Region.

Q: Now that the election is over what are your current activities?

A: I’m taking a break from politics. Starting next March I will begin working on land issues by collecting data on confiscated land in Dawei, Myeik, and Kawthoung, all in Tanintharyi Region. I will submit appeal letters to the winning candidates, make requests and cooperate with them.

Q: Are you satisfied with polling results?

A: Yes, I’m satisfied. Since starting my campaign I knew I was going to lose. Still I’m satisfied by my participation in the election because I raised interest and political awareness among the youth in Kawthoung.

Q: What are your plans in the future to cooperate with the new government on regional development?

A: I will collect information about injustices and make demands to the next government to address them. If the government makes mistakes, I criticize them.

Q: Do you believe the next government can actually carry out development for Tanintharyi Region?

A: Rather than believing in them or not we must point out if they make errors. I can’t definitely say whether (development for Tanintharyi Region) is possible or not. With a change of government there may be some delays. The new leaders become familiar with their new duties and make plans.  We need to demand that the new government works for the people. If they don’t we need to protest in the streets.

Q: No candidates from ethnic parties were elected so what is the new government’s responsibility for regional development in the areas where they mainly reside?

A: Actually, we need a federalist system in order to have a good new government elected by the public. If the ethnic people and smaller political parties are not included in the parliaments it will be difficult for the government to effectively govern. If a one group (majority government) controls Parliament sometimes I think it will still be like a dictatorship. When there are ethnic representatives in Parliament they can advocate on behalf of their respective groups. We need workers and farmers (in Parliament). Only then can we submit all the relevant issues that the public needs to be addressed.

Q: Will you run in the next election?

A: I will watch the next government. If they are good, I will cooperate with them. If the government is weak, I prepare to contest the next election for regional development.

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited by BNI staff

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