NMSP, KNU and Tanintharyi Region Gov’t to meet to solve territory dispute

The New Mon State Party (NMSP), Karen National Union (KNU) and Tanintharyi Region Government will hold a meeting on Wednesday to prevent further clashes between NMSP and KNU armed forces, in order to solve territorial disputes and discuss peaceful territory matters.

NMSP’s Dawei-District released
statement (copy)

The meeting will be held at the Tanintharyi Region Government Office in Dawei City on January 25, and officials from district levels of the NMSP and the KNU will join the meeting.

“The Tanintharyi Region Government invited us. However, the main topic that leaders from both sides will discuss regards the current territorial disputes and territory peace matters,” said Padoh Win Khine, an official of the KNU’s Myeik-Dawei Liaison [Office].

From September 2016 to January, 2017, troops from the Mon National Liberation Army (MNLA), armed wing of the NMSP, and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), armed wing of the KNU, have clashed for over 4 times, and subsequently, men from each side were injured.

When both sides have the same living standards then the alliance should reside well, and both sides must find ways in order to avoid further clashes and learn from the past to prevent disputes, according to the statement released by NMSP’s Dewai-district on Sunday [Jan. 22].

“The situation will just get worse if we continue fighting each other. Each side currently holds misunderstandings. However, I believe if leaders from both sides consult and find ways for solutions, everything will be fine,” said Nai Aye Ka, chairman of NMSP’s Dawei District.

Nai Aye Ka continued that the meeting between the NMSP, the KNU and Tanintharyi Region Government will bring some results.

In September, 2016, officials from the district-level of the NMSP and the KNU had a meeting in Yar-byu Village, Yebyu Township, founding a liaison committee with 3 representatives from each side, in order to prevent further clashes between KNU troops and NMSP troops based in Yebyu Township.

The places where both sides clashed had been marked by the Tatmadaw as NMSP territory when the NMSP and the Government signed state level and union level ceasefire agreements in 2012, according to the NMSP.

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