Interview With NLD Candidate U Myo Win

  • Written by IMNA
  • Published in Mon State

During a recent interview with BNI Election Newsroom, U Myo Win, the winning candidate for National League for Democracy (NLD) for Mon State’s Upper House Constituency No 8, touched on plans to address problems of illicit drug abuse among youth and working with other political parties. U Myo Win beat six candidates contesting the constituency finishing with 20,077 votes.

Q: Did you experience difficulties during election campaigning?

A: There weren’t any big difficulties. I already have some experience (with campaigning) from being a representative for Dr. U Kyin Thein that contested southern Ye Township during the 1990 Election. When we went to ethnic Mon villages we had to explain our party isn’t a Bamar party, that we were also Mon, We told them to vote for the party of their preference, but urged them to consider casting ballots towards electing a larger party (like the NLD) if they want a change in the country.

Q: You were closely involved with the Ann Din Coal Power Plant issue in 2014. Do you plan to continue to work on this issue in Parliament?

A: I will definitely be working on this issue. I believe coal-fired (power plants) are bad for our country’s future. If they build these power plants that are expected to produce thousands of megawatts (of energy), (in Ye Township), the fishing industry will be (negatively) affected. I will call for the total suspension of Ann Din Coal Power Plant as it needs to be stopped. Now it’s still a bit early to say what can be done as I don’t know the exact exactly details that were agreed in the MOU (memorandum of understanding).

Q: The NLD and the Mon National Party (MNP) won in Ye Township. Will both parties be working together both in and outside of Parliament for the benefit of all in the township?

A: This is something I haven’t yet discussed with my senior NLD party members. All together there are five elected MPs [in Ye Township], two MPs in northern township are with MNP and three NLD MPs represent the south. If it’s possible, I would like all us to work together. This would show the Mon community and other ethnic populations in Ye Township they can trust our ability to cooperate. It would start with a public meeting with the five elected MPs. But as we haven’t yet taken our seats in Parliament it’s still early to discuss the exact details.

Q: What will be the first issue you submit upon entering Parliament?

A: Currently the worst issue is illicit drugs, a problem that is affecting the local youth behind our backs. But this is just one example. Once we are sworn into Parliament the issues that need to be tackled first will be conducted step by step. Another issue is that there are many migrant workers in our area. In some places, the migrant workers are victims of human trafficking. We can’t neglect these issues. It’s concern that affects the entire country.

Q: Are there concerns that the current ruling party (USDP) will refuse to step down and hand over power to the NLD?

 A: If this happens it will be a direct violation of the 2008 Constitution. It’s not like before (1990) when the election was held by the military regime. The transferring of power has been clearly stated for the 2015 Election. I believe that now everything will go as planned under the constitution.

Q: What would you like to say to those who voted for you?

A: I would like to say that the public fulfilled its duty during voting this election. The rest is up to the MPs. I believe they voted for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and not me. I would like to give my special thanks to the public who are following behind us on this last stretch (towards democracy).



Name: U Myo Win
Education: B.Sc (Chem)
Occupation: Rubber Plantation
Address: Yangyiaung Ward, Ye town, Mon State
Mother’s Name: Daw Nyunt (Buddhist)
Father’s Name: U Phoe Hlaing (Buddhist)
Party: National League for Democracy (NLD)
Parliament: Upper House, Mon State, Ye Township Constituency No 8
Race: Mon
Religion: Buddhist

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited by BNI staff