Defeated candidates in Karen to follow NLD handling of ethnic issues closely

  • Written by Sa Eh Sue
  • Published in Karen State

Sa Eh Sue — The National League for Democracy's (NLD) handling of issues relating to ethnic affairs will be monitored closely by many in Karen State including those who lost to the party during the recent election.

“The winning party’s leader has often talked about prioritizing national reconciliation and ethnic rights. We need to wait and see whether this will be carried out or not,” said Mann Aung Pyi Soe, a State Parliament candidate from the Phalon-Sawwaw Democratic Party.

He added that a true democracy and strong federal union and peace are his party’s polices and the party will urge the winning party to achieve a true federal union.

A total of 18 political parties ran in Karen State during the recent election, including ten ethnic parties, but the NLD won the majority of seats across the state.

Saw Ye Win Naing, an Upper House candidate from the Kayin Democratic Party (KDP), who ran in Hlaingbwe Constituency No 2 also wants federalism. “Our ethnic parties need a true federal union. I expect the winning party to achieve this. But, we need to wait and see which methods it will use for this attempt and what kind of decisions it will make,” he said.

He added that the winning party should not move as a single party and it needs to march with participation from everyone during from different backgrounds and cultures.

A total of 36 NLD candidates ran in seven townships in Karen State and 29 NLD candidates won the election. The NLD however lost by a large margin in Hpapun Township.