NLD holds successful trash cleanup campaign in Kachin State

  • Written by Thuta Linn
  • Published in Kachin State

Thuta Linn — The National League for Democracy (NLD)’s newly elected members of parliament in Kachin State completed a successful trash pick up campaign.

The NLD which won last month's election has been conducting trash pick up campaigns across the country in accordance with a directive from party leader Aung San Suu Kyi. As with everywhere else in the country where the trash pick up has taken place, local residents and municipal officials also participated in the campaign, the incoming MPs tell BNI. Repeating a standard talking point repeated by NLD officials across the country.

Incoming Lower House MP U Chan Pe Linn from Mansi Township said his township has a small population but there weren't any difficulties in finding people to help pick up the trash. He said they also cleaned local drains that were clogged.

In Bhamo Township around 100 people including NLD members and members of the public cooperated in picking up the trash on December 12th. Bhamo Township’s incoming Lower House MP. U Aung Thein, said that because the Theindawgyi Pagoda Festival was being held in the township during this trash picking period volunteers collected trash from around the pagoda on the road to China and on the border with Momauk Township.

“Some people dropped their trash while we were picking the trash. When we told them to have discipline, they picked their trash and threw it away properly,” he said.  

Incoming upper house Constituency No 7 MP, U Win Zaw, said he engaged in the cleanup activity with party members in his constituency on December 14th.

According to him, the party members have paid special attention to the surroundings of Indawgyi Lake when picking up the trash.

“We don’t have any municipal [officials] so we carried out our activity after informing the authorities. We will not only collect the trash but also educate the public about reducing the use of plastic. We plan to make it effective to create a situation where plastic bags are not used if unnecessary,” he explained.

Mogaung Township’s State Parliament incoming MP, U Mya Thway San, said not only party members, but also the public, Mogaung-based local youth organizations and staff from Apex Bank joined the cleanup activity in his area.